Just beginning our 4WD exploration of this big island. Found this site almost by accident and thought maybe someone else might be heading in roughly the same direction for some of the time. We will be doing our best to avoid the sort of trails which some members of this site have posted pic's of (ie the extreme terrain some tackle for fun and come have come to grief on) but also recognise that you never know what might be around the corner or around the next change in weather. At 60 we are just keen on getting there and having a cool drink without the "adrenalin rush" of conquoring 45 degree slopes, giant boulders or carpet soaking creek crossings...as best we can.


We will not be in a hurry but do have to factor in one 5 day stay in NW NT at an Aboriginal community (Peppimenarti) in early Sept before returning to the road through to Darwin. Of course we will be attemping to find time for some stays at Karumba, Lawn Hill, Mataranka, Kakadu, Litchfield...etc. Most of the time we find a camp by 3pm, set-up and relax with a beer or a G&T before sorting dinner, a bottle of wine, a Van Morrison, Joan Armatrading or Jackson Browne album and maybe a camp fire. We only shoot with cameras, are keen to see ancient rock art and experience indigenous culture, like to see new places and meet other travellers over a beer and a yarn...and after, leave a clean trail.


We are aware of the often stated "strength in numbers" warnings from seasoned 4WD travellers about venturing off the black-top but it has to be a part of any worthwhile trip in Oz sooner or later and it's time we have a crack. While we are not looking for any "babysitters", any off road adventure is consolidated by extra hands and/or experience so with that I will hit the "send button" and see what happens.


Cheers,  Steve Dale & Joanne Howes

Pottsville Beach, Northern NSW



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Alex (TEQ-80) Premium Member
Great to see more people from more states offering trips !
09 Aug 2017
Adrian Raven (Ado_Hilux)
Alex (TEQ-80) wrote: Great to see more people from more states offering trips !
Yes i agree ... i've just found this site and was hoping to find a group from SE Qld doing a Simpson Desert trip during August or September this year !
10 Aug 2017
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2 adults
Trip Date
21-Aug-2017 (Mon) to 04-Oct-2017 (Wed)

Meeting Point
12:00 PM (Mon, 21-Aug-2017)