About Us

"your next trip starts here"

4WD TRIP is a unique global Trip Companion Platform connecting 4wders to go on a 4wd trip. We help 4wders to discover and explore new 4wd tracks and destination together with other like-minded 4wders.

Founded by Kelvin Yip in 2015, it was initially a side project, a hobby that Kelvin has been deeply passionate about.

Kelvin has been 4wding for nearly 18 years since 2002. He developed the concept of 4WD TRIP, to help many 4wders to connect, and find more trips to join and go 4wding in a better and safer environment.

4WD TRIP is a custom built smart technology platform developed by 4wders, for 4wders. Deep in the heart of 4WD TRIP is a technology company which aims at innovating and helping to improve the safety and experience of 4wders across the world.

Imagine you have just spent $200k on your new Toyota Landcruiser and all the 4x4 accessories and upgrade. Now, you want to take it off the beaten track. You don’t know where to go, or your friends may not be interested in 4wding. Where do you go? ... 4WD TRIP.

4WD TRIP is the perfect channel to help you to connect with other like-minded and experienced 4wders and explore a trip.

With over 1200 4wd trips completed, we helped thousands of 4wders to enjoy the best part of 4wding. Over a million of kms travelled in distance together, we have more trips, more variety of 4wds and a large group of active 4wders (5000+) just in Australia alone.

Proud to be an Australian company, we are aiming at taking the platform to internation and help the local 4wd communities and businesses.

4WD TRIP welcomes all the 4x4 accessories, specialists, retailers, manufacturers and OEM to partner with us. Please reach out to us.

4WD TRIP Picture: Nissan Patrol GQ TD42 driven by Kelvin for over 18 years (bought it in 2002), with 460,000km on the clock. It just keeps going!