Never been to Tallarook. Did have a possie on Winstons Trip on 19th but had to withdraw so decided to run my own this weekend. My first trip as a leader, so will have the L plates on. One reason why I have restricted it to 4 vehicles.

Second reason, the objective is to attempt Steep and Phone track during the course of the day.

The menu of tracks/rds in order is - subject to change due to conditions and unexpected events of course.

Updated with Winston suggestions

Horans Track

Tehans No6

Tehans No5

Tehans No4

Tehans No2

A link track if we can find it. Was mentioned on on of Winstons trips. Looks like Winston will be our back seat driver so should be able to find it.

Brandy Cnr Rd

Willies Track

Main Rd

Army Rd

Bridge Track

Steep Track

Jenkins Track

Main Rd

Mt Hickey Rd

Cadell Track

Gravel Pit Track

Phone Track

Mt Hickey Rd

Rocky Track

Horan Track



  • Electric Winch
  • Recovery Gear
  • Matt (Matt86) Trip Leader - Level 1 (Completed over 1 trips)

    Driver + 1 AdultChecked-In (11-Nov-2016 13:55)
    Nissan Patrol GQ TD42 (1993 Patrol)
    • 37" Tyres, 3" Lifted
    • Front & Rear Locker
    • Winch

  • Rodney (nissy patrol) Premium Member

    Driver + 1 AdultChecked-In (13-Nov-2016 17:14)
    Nissan patrol (2002 patrol)
    • 35" Tyres, 2" Lifted
    • Front & Rear Locker
    • Winch

  • Daniel (Daniel_GQ) I have mechanic skills

    Driver + 1 Adult
    TD42 GU WAGON (2001 Patrol)
    • 33" Tyres, 3" Lifted
    • Front Diff Lock
    • Winch

  • Alex (Alex_Lemons)

    I am Interested / In Waiting List
    4.0L Petrol 120 Prado (2004 Prado)
    • 33" Tyres, 2" Lifted
    • Front & Rear Locker
    • Winch

  • Jason (Allterrain2000) Completed Proficiency training

    I am Interested / In Waiting List
    Landcruiser 200 (2016 Landcruiser)
    • 33" Tyres, 2" Lifted
    • Front & Rear Locker
    • Winch

  • Winston (Winston_FJ) Trip Leader - Level 5 (Completed over 46 trips) Premium Member

    I am Interested / In Waiting List
    TB48 Patrol GU6 ST-S (2008 Patrol)
    • 35" Tyres, 4" Lifted
    • Winch

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3 GOING, 3 Interested
6 adults
Trip Date
Sat, 12-Nov-2016

Meeting Point
Cnr Horan Track and Broadford-Flowerdale Rd Strath Creek
9:00 AM (Sat, 12-Nov-2016)