Mt Sarah / Buckland Valley HARD

Alpine National Park, VIC

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So the basic plan for this trip it take a few others on the same track I found a little while ago.

Watch the following YouTube video to find out what your signing up for:


I'll be a little more prepared this time and won't be starting the track at 2pm haha.

The idea is to then summit Mt Sarah where hopefully we will find some snow and we will be camping on top of the mountain for the night.

This next link might inspire you or it might scare you away haha:


I will actually be heading up Friday night and camping at Lake Cobbler if there are others that wanted to join me, otherwise refer to the "Lake Buffalo Picnic Area" meeting point.




  • Electric Winch
  • Recovery Gear
  • Brad Jones (BradZook) I am first-aid qualified I have mechanic skills Trip Leader - Level 1 (Completed over 10 trips) Premium Member

    Driver + 1 AdultChecked-In (11-Aug-2016 19:21)
    5.7l Jeep GC (2007 Grand Cherokee)
    • 32" Tyres, 2" Lifted

  • Matt (Matt86) Trip Leader - Level 1 (Completed over 1 trips)

    Driver + 1 AdultChecked-In (12-Aug-2016 11:47)
    Nissan Patrol GQ TD42 (1993 Patrol)
    • 37" Tyres, 3" Lifted
    • Front & Rear Locker
    • Winch

  • Kelvin (TREXGQ) I am first-aid qualified Trip Leader - Level 6 (Completed over 76 trips)

    Myself onlyChecked-In (11-Aug-2016 18:12)
    TREXGQ (1990 Patrol)
    • 35" Tyres, 3" Lifted
    • Front Diff Lock
    • Winch

  • Steven (ReefMaster) Premium Member

    Myself onlyChecked-In (15-May-2020 22:04)
    V6 (2012 Fj Cruiser)
    • 33" Tyres, 2" Lifted
    • Front & Rear Locker
    • Winch

  • Hussein (Hussytd42)

    I am Interested / In Waiting List
    Locked td42 (1995 Patrol)
    • 37" Tyres, 4" Lifted
    • Front & Rear Locker
    • Winch

  • Ross (Rosco_4x4)

    I am Interested / In Waiting List
    TD5 Disco (2001 Discovery)
    • 32" Tyres, 2" Lifted
    • Winch

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4 GOING, 2 Interested
6 adults
Trip Date
13-Aug-2016 (Sat) to 14-Aug-2016 (Sun)

Meeting Point
Lake Buffalo Picnic Area (
9:00 AM (Sat, 13-Aug-2016)