Meteor Shower Time Lapse

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Angelo (cokeaddict)
08 May 2016

Decided to try my luck at some time lapse on the Eta Aquarids Meteor shower in the early morning times of 5th and 6th May.

Tried to find a nice dark spot without having to drive 3 hours and took a chance on Bunyip S/F, it was perfect. 

Alarm set for midnight on both nights. Arrived up there at 2am and started shooting at 2:30am and ran the cameras till 6:am.

Never shot meteors before and really had no idea what to expect. It was mind blowing. On the first night I came home with a sore neck, caused by trying to keep up with the shower falling down all around me. (thought,if they are coming from the North East then that’s where the action would be right?  NOPE they came from everywhere. If you have never seen a meteor shower, please do so it was something I will never forget.

Here is 1 picture with 2 meteors burning up as they travel at 66kms per second (yep thats correct PER SECOND). Check out the time lapse in Vimeo as its better spotting all the action on full screen. I left the Fish eye effect because i liked it. Action starts at 38 seconds then gets hectic at 48 seconds, but the whole video is 1 minute long.

3.5 hours shooting = 780 shots which = 1 minute of video.

Hope you enjoy it.



08 May 2016

That's dedicated work,well worth your efforts, magical shots ,well done 👍


Thurstain (Tcm9669)
23 May 2016

That is something truly magical.