Lived in Sydney 56 years and last year moved to Victoria for a new challenge. Done Sydney to death and I have to say all these do gooders are really annoying the hell out of me with track closures happening all too often now. I am looking forward to exploring the high country much more over the next few years before I sell up and travel around this great country of ours. I spent 30 days in the high country alone back in 2002 (november) and fell in love with it. With 40 years offroad experience for me, I can honestly say there is nothing as breath taking as the high country. I love photography and 4wding. Camping next to a river is heaven for me, nothing better than listening to that water flowing down stream.

GQ Patrol 4.2 TD

1994 Nissan GQ

4 inch(s)
33 "
Front & Rear lockers
Turbocharged (No intercooler)
  • Bullbar
  • Rear bar
  • Winch
  • Snorkel

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  • Joel Gunning
    Joel Gunning

    Angelo is an absolute pleasure to hit the tracks with. He is very helpful when anything needs doing and is happy to share his knowledge and skill with the less experienced like me! I am super keen to hit more tracks with him in the future.