While some of my mates bought Harley's when going through their "mid-life crisis", I decided to go down the "4wd track"( pardon the pun ).... The only problem is that my other mates aren't as keen to get their rigs dirty as I am, hence why I'm here! Admittedly I'm a "newbie", but I'm keen to get out there. And most likely more than 1/2 of you guys/girls are younger than me, I'm willing to listen to every piece of advice you give me.

MN Triton

2014 Mitsubishi Triton

Iron Man 2 inch(s)
Nitto Trail Grappler MT's 33 "
Not fitted
Turbocharged with Front Mounted Intercooler
  • Bullbar
  • Winch
  • Snorkel
  • Driving Light / Light bar
  • Roof Rack
  • Dual Battery
  • Sat Nav / GPS
  • CB Radio

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