Yes I know, I'm a girl! Got myself into 4WDriving, thanks to my partner Keefy and I'm loving it! Have been 4wdriving now almost 10 months... I've done a few trips now, including all the Deep Creek tracks at Walhalla, Billy Goats at Dargo, Andersons, Western and Nash Creek at Bunyip to name just a few and am hoping to join the boys on a trip to the Cape in September... looking forward to doing more trips, gaining some more confidence and meeting more people who have also been stung by the 4wdriving bug! :D


2002 Jeep Cherokee

Iron Man 3 inch(s)
Desert Hawk 31 "
Not fitted
Not Fitted
  • Bushbar
  • Sat Nav / GPS
  • CB Radio

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  • capable lil jeep driver that loves to get out and make the biggest splash