I’m planning a week long trip to the high country in November. Would like to get a group together.

 We will meet at huggets crossing camp ground on the Monday the 12 of November.

Family friendly event, all welcome big & small!


First time planning a trip so could use the input.
The closest & last places to huggets crossing to fuel up are Heyfield or maffra, after this there will be no where to get fuel until dargo. So please arrive with a full tank and spare in case of Emergency’s. 
Uhf is a MUST! Snorkel is also a requirement for this trip!
Monday: huggets crossing camp ground. we will have a meet & greet, discuss the trip and make sure everyone is on the same page in terms of emergency, etc.

Tuesday: huggets crossing to millers hut. 
Start by heading south from Huggets crossing to Ben Cruachan Creek Track, then turn right onto Avon Road towards Avon River. Explore the gorge when we get down to the river. Continue east and head north on Mt Angus Tk (Old Moroka Road). Turn west on Moroka Range track then left onto Mt Wellington Track to camp at Millers Hut. Time permitting take quick look at the Sentinels just south of the hut. If we are running extra sort on time we can camp at Moroka Hut.

Wednesday: millers hut to east pinnacle, talbotville camp ground 
Start by heading north on Mt Wellington Track to Moroka RD. Then turning right towards east pinnacle. continue on to pinnacles road towards the look out where we will stop for lunch. afterwoods turning around heading back to the intersection where we will turn right on to billy goat bluff track heading north. At the bottom we will turn right on to wonnagatta road then turning left on to crooked river track to the talbotville camp ground.

Thursday: talbotville to Mt blue rag & dargo(fuel stop), Eagle vale campground
Start heading south on crooked river track then right on to brewery creak track, Continue on Brewery creak road until turning right on to south basalt knob track continue until turning left on to Mt blue rag track. We will stop at the lookout for lunch( decide if there is time to visit mayford) after lunch turn round and head towards the dargo high plains road turning right towards dargo. Continue on dargo high plains road stopping in dargo for fuel and any other supplies any one needs, then continue south from dargo on dargo high plains road, then turn right on to short cut road, then right on to crooked river road. Continue on to wonnagatta road, untill arriving at eaglevale camp ground.

Friday: Wonnagatta station, Howitt hut camping area
start by heading north-west on Eaglevale track turning left on to Wombat range track. continuing until turning left on to Wonnagatta track. we will follow this west until stopping at Wonnagatta station hut for lunch. afterwoods we will make our way towards Zeka spur track, where we will head south towards Howitt road turning left we will continue to Howitt hut and set up camp.

Saturday: howitt hut to muttonwood campground
start heading south on howitt road, turn right on to caledonia river track (this trtack could take a few hours)
coninuing on to dingo hill track which we will follow to tambirtha road turning **right towrads muttonwood campground.
arrive at camp ground.
** if the preious tracks dont take up the whole day we can turn right here and check out a couple of the nearby huts.

big group cook up breakfast with whats left over, anyone that would like to hang around on the sunday, we can make our way over to mc adams gap and have lunch at the pub on the hill ( please note this pub is cash only, no eftpos services are available) we will refuel in licola, were there is also eftpos services availiable.
planned with Hema maps ios app and Hema high country rooftop map.



Feel free to join the Facebook group to have your input: https://www.facebook.com/events/208309429859034/?ti=icl


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  • Brandon (Brando95) I am first-aid qualified Trip Leader - Level 1 (Completed over 1 trips)

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  • Marc Lebrun (Marc120Prado)

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  • Simon Gee (Caroline) I am first-aid qualified Trip Leader - Level 1 (Completed over 1 trips)

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3 GOING, 3 Interested
5 adults , 1 children (6 in total)
Trip Date
12-Nov-2018 (Mon) to 18-Nov-2018 (Sun)

Meeting Point
Huggets crossing camp ground
12:00 PM (Mon, 12-Nov-2018)