Just exploring the area and see what other tracks are like in the area. Was up there a couple months ago after some rain and was easy. Lots of little creek crossings no deeper they like 2 or 3 feet


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  • John (Tasmik)

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    Triton Dual Cab (2017 MQ)
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  • Kylie (Roxi)

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    Paj (2006 Pajero VR-X NP)

    • Beau (Turbeau)

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      LC200 (2015 Landcruiser 200)
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    • Jason (jaybonf) Trip Leader - Level 1 (Completed over 2 trips)

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      Colorado (2016 Colorado)
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    George (Georgie_Kyro)
    Hello to all you QLD members , just wanted to say a quick hi and that it is bloody freezing here in Melbourne!

    Good to see you qlders branching out and using this awesome forum.
    Hello from us Mexicans down south !!!!
    18 Jun 2017
    Trip Leader Shane (rvprado)
    10 Jul 2017
    Duane (narkedshark)
    Shane (rvprado) I've sent you a Private Message. Please check your inbox.
    13 Jul 2017
    Duane (narkedshark)
    WITHDRAWN from Trip - Reason: I've caught the flu that's going around at the moment. Too crook to do anything right now...
    13 Jul 2017
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