Vic high country MEDIUM / HARD

High country, VIC

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3 week touring trip buckland Valley, blue rag down north basalt into crooked River, Billy goat bluff , Hewitt's plain , Caledonia river track up butchers track , into woonangatta Valley, trhu Dargo across to Omeo, thru to tom groggiin, Mt ponnabar up to corryong end point


  • Electric Winch
  • Recovery Gear

Chriso (DWWood)
Wish I had that much time off but I've got between the 8th & 15th. If it's a possibility, I might see where you guys are at and join along the way somewhere?
18 Dec 2023
Trip Leader Dave Wyatt (Forby73)
Hiya Chriso yeh mate if y want to join along the way that should be fine cheers
19 Dec 2023
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2 adults
Trip Date
07-Jan-2024 (Sun) to 25-Jan-2024 (Thu)

Meeting Point
2:00 PM (Sun, 07-Jan-2024)