Mt Sunday Road around to Craig's Hut HARD

Vic High Country, VIC

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OK, i've been having problems posting this but lets see how this goes:  


This trip aims to combine a bit of tough driving with a bit of iconic scenery.  

 Camping Friday night at Granny's flat.  Early start Saturday morning !


- Mt Sunday Road down to Middle Ridge Track (Hard)

- Then up bull plain road

- Eventually turn right onto Noob Track

- Up blocks road on Cairns Creek track

and then basically make our way up bluff link rd, bindaree rd, and onto Craig’s hut.


I'd essentially set camp pending wherever I get to on the Saturday night. Most of the Sunday driving will be easy.


The trip is subject to change pending how far we get on the Saturday!


I need to get back to Melbourne airport by 7pm sharp on Sunday as my mate needs to catch a flight.


I’m running 33s/winch/no lockers - which i think would only be particularly relevant for Mt Sunday Road.

I’d like to open the trip to 3 other cars so 4 in total.


Hope to see you there.


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Trip Leader David (DSPIES)
Hi folks,

Late post for this trip as the forum was giving me a bit of grief (thanks for your help Kelvin).

As you can see the trip has the harder start but will be fairly tame i expect after that. But i wont be fixing things, so hopefully we can play it by ear a bit. I wouldnt mind getting to Craigs... i haven't been there in a while but i'm not fixed..

02 Feb 2016
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2 adults
Trip Date
05-Feb-2016 (Fri) to 07-Feb-2016 (Sun)

Meeting Point
Camping Friday night at Granny's flat near jamieson.
8:30 AM (Fri, 05-Feb-2016)