Bush Clean Up Weekend (with Four Wheel Drive Victoria) EASY

Hill End, north of Trafalgar in West Gippsland, VIC

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To support Four Wheel Drive Victoria with their Bush Clean Up Day, we have answered the call and give them support. This is a good initiate and we should all take part. 





See details below from FWDVic. 


"Following on from the Rubbish Search phase of the “Clean up the Bush” program, we are now moving into the Recovery and Removal operation. This is where we go into the bush to recover and remove the rubbish as previously identified, to a central marshalling point for sorting and loading into skips. This will take place on the weekend of the evening of Friday 1st of May through to Sunday 3rd of May.


If you cannot arrive on Friday evening, please let us know. You will have to arrive on Sat morning before 8am. 


It is planned to meet at the Hill End school, north of Trafalgar in West Gippsland, on Friday and camp on site



On Saturday morning, following breakfast, a briefing will be held at 8:00 and we hope to be on the tracks by 9:00, and work throughout the day. A communal barbie will be held on Saturday evening, with camping again on site. Sunday is planned to follow the same format as Saturday.


We would like to see as many people as possible join in on this weekend, as this will lighten the workload on everyone, and make the fellowship that much better.


Participants need to bring Personal Protection Equipment, heavy gloves; sturdy boots; long sleeves and trousers; safety glasses; hi-viz vest; hard hat (if available); and jackets for inclement weather. If a shovel and sturdy rake, axe and other tools to aid the work can be brought, as well as trailers suitable for the job, this would be of great help as well. Parks Victoria/DELWP will be conducting a safety induction for all participants in accordance with OH&S requirements prior to any activity taking place.


The best route to Hill End is via the Princes Highway to either Trafalgar or Moe, (depending on where you’re coming from) then turning north to Willow Grove, (well sign posted) and on to Hill End. Signs in Hill End will point the way from there. The sooner we know numbers of people attending, the sooner we can determine and allocate tasks and also sort out the catering. We don’t want anybody going hungry.


A weekend of fun, hard but very rewarding work is the aim. This is a chance to show the wider community how much four wheel drivers do care about the environment we drive in, and to make a real and visible difference. Your help and participation is highly valued and appreciated, and we extend our sincere thanks to you."


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    Meeting Point
    Maccas at Moe
    5:00 PM (Fri, 01-May-2015)

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