Mt Walker/Lidsdale state forest MEDIUM

Blue mountains/Lithgow area, NSW

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4wders welcome to come just for the day if they not able to stay the night the hwy is not too hard to get to on the way out.will be doing some tracks on the way at lithgow ,then off to mt walker starting off a few short river crossing about up to my bonnet last time but depends on rain fall then its all the usual low range stuff.

mt walker itself is an A GRADE track (but has a bye pass track) but if you would like have a crack i advise a good winch (not a cheapie) winch extenstion ,snatch block ,rocksliders i only got about half way up mt walker last time i did it with twinlockers but only 30inch tyres.tire size is a big factor then winched myself up.

Can also meet at lithgow zig zag railway carpark but sometimes dont get phone recption like to keep in contact so i made it blaxland maccas.

any questions post on the discussion board

thanks Darsh


  • Terry De Vries (mrmods)

    I am Interested / In Waiting List
    105 series 4.2 1HD-T (1998 landcruiser)
    • 35" Tyres, 3" Lifted
    • Front & Rear Locker
    • Winch

  • Adam Harper (Adam)

    I am Interested / In Waiting List
    4.2 diesel (1995 landcruiser)
    • 30" Tyres, 2" Lifted

  • Lindsay (wackyraces)

    I am Interested / In Waiting List
    V8 Troopie (2012 Troop Carrier)
    • 32" Tyres, 2" Lifted
    • Winch

  • Jay (J13NST)

    I am Interested / In Waiting List
    D40 (2013 Navara)
    • 32" Tyres, 2" Lifted
    • Front Diff Lock
    • Winch

Kelvin (TREXGQ) Premium Member
Hi Darsh,

Just a suggestion. You may want to provide a bit more info about the trip, for instance, what tracks are you planning? you expect any difficulties with the trip..... this should help attract more people to join your trip. You can edit your trip anytime.

02 Feb 2015
Trip Leader Darsh (twinlockers)
yep sorry about that was gonna put in the details had bit of work to do had to come back to it,all the info is put up on the site now.
thanks darsh.
02 Feb 2015
Kelvin (TREXGQ) Premium Member
Awesome mate, thanks for doing that. Hope there will be more 4wders joining your trip soon. We slowly getting more new members from NSW everyday. Please help spread the word.
03 Feb 2015
Andy (Andy-Leanne)
Hi Guys,
Trying to work out if we can fit this in to our weekend with some visitors arriving that weekend, fingers crossed.
Not sure if this will give a better picture of the track or if it is the same one but I found this utube link of a Mt Walker 4wd tour if other people are wondering. Does this look like the area?
06 Feb 2015
Trip Leader Darsh (twinlockers)
TRIP POSTPONED - Reason: hi all looks like at this stage we havnt got any confirms yet i might have got everyone on a busy weekend like to try for the 14,15 march.
but main reason gotta do some repairs on my hilux still waiting on parts that are taking a while to come in,i hope i haven't inconvenienced anyone
regards ,Darsh
16 Feb 2015
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1 GOING, 7 Interested
1 adults
Trip Date
28-Feb-2015 (Sat) to 01-Mar-2015 (Sun)

Meeting Point
Blaxland McDonalds
9:30 AM (Sat, 28-Feb-2015)