Creswick Regional Park Australia Day weekend MEDIUM

Ballarat and surrounds, VIC

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Hi all. My first trip on the site so here goes. I'm heading to Creswick Regional Park near ballarat for the weekend with wife and 3 kids camping (camper trailer). I have never been there before so not sure about any 4x4 tracks etc but I'll go prepared regardless. More a camping weekend than anything. And seeing the sights. Any suggestions re tracks etc welcomed. 


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Grant (308)
James, Bush camping or ?. Slatey creek is the only nice spot i know of otherwise caravan park (Calembeen) is average but right next to a local swimmimg pool which is actually an old mine site converted for public swimmimg.
4WD tracks vary greatly depending if your after easy and scenic or mud bashing. Explore Creswick Park heading southish through to White Swan Reservoir. You can continue through to Nerrina, outskirts of Ballarat. Can't get lost in this area as it all comes out somewhere near a main road. Beer Festival on at Lake Wendouree this weekend! If you are looking for better tracks and scenery head over to Daylesford and the Wombat Forest. A map a definite in there.
22 Jan 2015
Trip Leader James (HighKMPatrol)
Hi Grant, thanks for the info. I hate caravan parks, not my scene. So hoping to find a nice campsite out of the way somewhere. Have a good regular campsite up at big river I go to but thought I'd try somewhere different. Not really intersted in driving through muddy bog holes to go nowhere but would love to do some technical tracks and exploring. Beer festival well that's a shame isn't it!!! Bloody ripper. Sounds like I could get lost there! Sounds like wombats the go I'll head over there for a look. Thanks for the info mate really appreciate it.
23 Jan 2015
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2 adults , 2 children , 1 infant (5 in total)
Trip Date
24-Jan-2015 (Sat) to 26-Jan-2015 (Mon)

Meeting Point
Creswick regional park
10:00 AM (Sat, 24-Jan-2015)