Strickland spur track, Healesville/Marysville area MEDIUM

Strickland spur track and Narbethong forest, VIC

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Hi All,

I know it's months away, so I'm just looking for EOI's for the trip as circumstances may change from now to then. I recently did Strickland spur track in the dry and would like to do it again hopefully with wetter condition for a bit more of a challenge. So I'm looking at doing the tracks around the spur and then a play in the Narbie forest some time after lunch and also if you have some knowledge of the area or have travelled the tracks that would be great as everyone can have a go leading the group. I don't think it will be a medium/Hard trip level but it might be good if your rig was well setup.





  • Recovery Gear
  • David (Davevk) Trip Leader - Level 1 (Completed over 10 trips)

    Driver + 1 Adult + 1 Children
    JK Wrangler Diesel (2013 Wrangler)
    • 33" Tyres, 2" Lifted
    • Winch

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2 adults , 1 children (3 in total)
Trip Date
Sun, 12-Apr-2015

Meeting Point
Healesville, Beechworth bakery( for a coffee)
8:30 AM (Sun, 12-Apr-2015)