Toolangi day run MEDIUM / HARD

Toolangi, VIC

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A day trip around Toolangi doing some fun stuff for well set up vehicles. You will need some lift and bigger tyres, and experience driving rocky, challenging tracks.


  • Electric Winch
  • Recovery Gear
  • Winston (Winston_FJ) I have mechanic skills Trip Leader - Level 5 (Completed over 46 trips) Premium Member

    Myself onlyChecked-In (07-Mar-2020 09:47)
    TB48 Patrol GU6 ST-S (2008 Patrol)
    • 35" Tyres, 4" Lifted
    • Winch

  • Marc (GONM4D) I have mechanic skills I had chainsaw training I had winch training Completed Proficiency training Trip Leader - Level 1 (Completed over 2 trips)

    Myself onlyChecked-In (08-Mar-2020 07:00)
    GONM4D (2003 Patrol)
    • 3" Lifted
    • Front & Rear Locker
    • Winch

  • Matthew (discomatt) I am first-aid qualified I have mechanic skills Trip Leader - Level 1 (Completed over 7 trips)

    Myself onlyChecked-In (07-Mar-2020 08:37)
    V8 discovery with a couple of modds (1996 Discovery)
    • 33" Tyres, 2" Lifted
    • Winch

Matthew (discomatt)
I haven't had a chance to get out for ages due to work so it would be good to clear the cobwebs. I will just wait and see what the weather does because I am not interested in going out to have a mud fest....
What tracks are you planning?
05 Mar 2020
Trip Leader Winston (Winston_FJ) Premium Member
Rocky, Lyndalls. The rest is an explore, avoiding mud where possible.
05 Mar 2020
Matthew (discomatt)
Sweet, I don't mind getting the car muddy just not interested in bog holes or tracks like Not Much Help
06 Mar 2020
Matthew (discomatt)
I will stop at Yarra Glen for coffee and breakfast at about 7.40 and leave there at 8.00 if anyone wants to meet there I will be parked up near the bakery
07 Mar 2020
Rama (Green patrol)
Winston (Winston_FJ) wrote: Rocky, Lyndalls. The rest is an explore, avoiding mud where possible.
I’m gonna be abit late
08 Mar 2020
Andrew (Klrwrangler)
WITHDRAWN from Trip - Reason:
08 Mar 2020
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5 adults
Trip Date
Sun, 08-Mar-2020

Meeting Point
Start of Rocky Track.
8:30 AM (Sun, 08-Mar-2020)