YAST: Yet Another Snow Trip MEDIUM

Buckland Valley, VIC

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With this snow forcast ever increasing how can I pass up the opportunity to get out in the thick of it. I'm a little undecided about the exact plan / where we will go, happy to be flexiable and take things as they come.

I'm still building my Jeep up so missing a few bells and whistles, ie: a winch. Thus I don't plan on doing anything too crazy, just get out for the weekend and setup camp in the snow. If others signup that do have winches and want to do harder stuff I'm all for it so long as your happy to pull me to saftey should the need arise, not that, that would ever happen... :) I know of a nice hidden track in the area, never driven it with snow though.

Friday Night

Anyway roughly I am thinking of heading up Friday night to Lake Cobbler via the 2wd drive road from Whitfield. Meet me at Whitfield or at the lake, i'll get there pretty late I think.

Why so far away, sick of Matlock grid lock haha.


The plan would be to head back down via Williams Logging RD. And then head in the direction of Mt Sarah, camp at the hut.


Drive home



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Rayvan (Rayvan)
How did you go with this trip mate? Did you find and snow? Was the track to mt sarah closed during winter?
29 Jul 2019
Trip Leader Brad Jones (BradZook) Premium Member
See the trip reports.

Yeah found plenty of snow.

The main road to the top of Mt Sarah is open year round. Plenty of other tracks are open too, I want to go back and see if I can find a more interesting route to the top.
29 Jul 2019
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2 GOING, 2 Interested
2 adults
Trip Date
12-Jul-2019 (Fri) to 14-Jul-2019 (Sun)

Meeting Point
Whitfield, Victoria 3733
11:30 PM (Fri, 12-Jul-2019)