Noisy drive belts (Serpentine belts)

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Paul Raike
Paul Raike (Block)
08 Jun 2017

Hi All,

i have a brand new drive belt that is squeaking its brains out. The idler pulley, tensioner and pulley alignment has been checked, all ok.

i have sprayed the belt with everything I could think of; WD40, Inox as well as water to isolate the issue to being the belt. I have read the worst thing you can do is spray anything on these belts. In desperation I used soap which worked to quiet the noise at idle with the noise returning above idle. Has anyone used the spray on belt dressings with any success? I would welcome any other suggestions. TIA

Alex (TEQ-80)
20 Jun 2017

I had a dud bearing in a tensioner, sounded like all my bearings had fallen out of the camshaft it was squaeling and squeaking that badly.

I ran the engine without the belt and the noise disappeared, but by process of elimiation and feeling everything that turns with no belt on it I could isolate which pulley it was coming from as it was all lumpy when spun by hand.  Pushed out the old bearing and drifted in a newie hay presto problem solved.  By nature serpentines dont squeak, I'd check if you had proper belt tension it could be a tired spring in the tensioner or drop the belt off and spin everything by hand it might be obvious what the issue is as was mine.