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Jesse (Stirlo)
26 Sep 2016

I noticed on your profile you can put in your 4x4 club or group yet it doesn't pop up anywhere on your profile. Would be cool to have a section were you can go in view group/club details and members etc

Also when registering/editing profile I noticed it asks your 4x4 experience yet it doesn't pop up on profiles etc.  would be handy to know especially when running a trip what people's experience level is by looking at there profile.

last suggestion was at the moment we are able to set a trip to public or private, I think a leader approval choice would be helpful. People can say they want to go, however the leader has to approve. Could be helpful when picking tracks and not ending up with someone inexperienced on a hard track and vice versa

29 Sep 2016

If i new how to use a computer i would update


Rod (The tuff)
30 Sep 2016

Hi Jesse, Rod here, thanks for the notice, I have put in my level of experience and clicked on 1 year, also the 4wd organisation I'm in is called club 4x4 and its based in Bundoora. If there is anything else l
Please let me know. Thanks mate


Kevin (kevbic)
30 Sep 2016

Hi our club is Back of nowere 4x4 downndirty and I have been driving 4x4s since 1963 i  at the moment own a toyota rav4 with a 30mm lift . i love doing the boarder track it is differant every time I do it ,and ave just done the stock route from Eudunda to Morgan in the wet .


Have updated my profile 😊