MDT trutracker, Wheels, other parts [VIC]

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30 Jul 2016

I am planning to get Portal Axles put underneath my 79series ute (2013 Single Cab V8 WorkMate). 
Wondering if someone would be interested in: 

- MDT trutracker (fully assembled incl. rear diff housing) 
- 6x 315x75R16 Cooper STmaxx on 16x8 Dynamica black steel (2 of them have 0 km, 4 have 5000km) - Al wheels have internal TPMS 
- any other parts in regards to hubs, rotors, callipers, breaks, etc... 
- front diff housing 

looking to have this happening in the next 2 month. 

if interested in any or all of it please contact via PM or email: