Trip Finder List, default settings.

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Not sure about others but when I open the trip finder it defaults to "All States" & "Latest Add First"

I would much prefer the default to be set to "Start Date Earlier" as this shows what is coming up in the order it is coming up. Unless you really study the site religiously and remember every post the showing new adds first seems pointless.

Just curious as to whether others would like the default to be "Start Date Earlier" or the other and better option, that the website remembers each users preference from their previous log in or has a setting option so these can be customised by each user. 

Kelvin (TREXGQ)
25 Sep 2014

Hi Alan
Yes I have the same feeling too. I will improve that by having thr list sortes by earliest trip date instead


I haven't looked at the code for the page at all but the list seems to be in alphabetical order, possibly just changing the text from "Start Date (Earlier)" to "Date (Earlier)" or date starting or date of trip or such would automatically fix it.