Wiring Spotties/LED Light Bar(s) on 1996 Suzuki Vitara

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Robert (Rigger64)
08 Sep 2014

After much head banging trying to find the right way to get my Light bar to only come on with my High Beam i found What i Wanted/Needed on the Aus Zook forum here is what i found.
As you may or may not know the Zooks are Negative Switched (But it is a Weird Negative Switched set-up) as in that the Plug on the back of the Head light has power to all three pins with the lights off.
On my Zook(1996 Vitara) the wire colouring is:
White with Blue Strip is Common(Positive).
Red with White Strip is Low Beam. 
Straight Red is High Beam.
Thing that you will need are:
Spade Terminals. (Lots)
Crimper. (For the Spade Terminals)
On/Off Switch.
Convoluted tube.
Electrical Tape.
1) Split/Cut & Splice or Scotch lock onto/into the Straight Red wire this is the High Beam Wire.
2) From this junction take the wire to 86 on the relay. 
3) From 86 take a wire to one Terminal on the Switch.
4)  From the other Terminal of the Switch to 30 on the relay as well as a 12V feed from the Positive of the battery with an in-line Fuse (i have a 30 Amp Fuse in mine)(I used a piggy Back Spade Terminal for this job & taped it all up)(So what you should have is a wire from the Positive From the battery & another one from the Switch)
5) Now connect the Positive wire from the Spotties/ LED Light Bar to 87 on the Relay.
6) connect the Negative from the Spotties/LED Light Bar to an Earth(i.e. Neg terminal of the battery or Chassis 
So now your Spotties/LED Light Bar should come on when you go to High Beam & the Switch is on..
Here is what i found from the Plug from the Back of my head lights:
Red (High Beam)
High Beam OFF
Low Beam ON
Red with White (Low Beam)
High Beam ON
Low Beam  OFF
White with Blue Strip(Common Positive)
High Beam ON
Low Beam  ON
im not sure but i recon that this should/would work on any Zook
I hope this help someone..