King springs with OME suspension

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Jimmy (Jimmy_hilux)
03 Apr 2016

Hi there 

I'm looking to get just a 2" lift for my lux as it badly needs it as I do a lot of driving on outback station roads in the NT. It has Arb bulbar, winch and dual battery so a bit of weight there. Only have all stock standard suspension at the moment and doing a bit of research on all the kits. 

Im heading towards the OME kit but I notice on their website they only give 30mm lift in the front and 45mm in the rear, (which would be sufficient for me in the rear but not the front.) 

I've researched somewhere that King springs make the springs for OME but is it worth putting the HD King springs themselves on the front with a OME kit on the rest of the lux? Or does that start causing problems for cv joints and boots etc? 

Any suggestions will be awesome. 




11 Apr 2016

Hi Jimmy,

I was hoping someone with a lot more knowledge than me would reply, my recollection is that a few peolple have been a tad upset with OME suspension.

I don't know if Kings make their stuff, but if they did it would be to the specs they requested (hopefully)

I have heard a lot of good things about Kings though.

This is a great site to arrange a trip, but to be honest there is a slim pool of people willing to contribute on the forum, I would suggest to ask the same questions on 4x4 earth and 4wd action, and maybe a toyota forum. You can never get enough info. You will be stuck with that suspension for a while, so get it right.

Go and visit a few 4x4 shops, you'll soon get a feel for who is a clown and who knows what they are talking about.

Hope that helps.


Kevin (tuffruf)
23 Nov 2016

Hi we have a 2010 hilux ute fitted with bullbar side rails steps  winch dual batteries secondary fuel filter and also my flip top camper .i have fitted 2 inch lift king springs under $200 dollars at the time kept the standard shocks the ride is good cv angles are about as steep as would like .The shocks and springs seem to work well together and the price is right also fitted cv guards as the boots are prone ts stick damage .hope this info is of some help . AFTER thought had an Isuzu 4wd ute with saggy rear leafs a friend and his father helped remove the spring pack we hammered each indivdual spring reasembled the springs this gave us a 2 inch lift at no cost just time the hammering or cold working hardens the springs they niether sagged or broke over the next 10 years of vigorous use                       Cheers     Kevin and Sandra


23 Nov 2016

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