235/85/16 on a stand Prado

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Shane (rvprado)
02 Apr 2016

Hi All,

I have a 2000 RV Prado at has the standed 16x6 rim with Maxxis 700 205/16 (these were on it when i brought it) on it and they need to be retied soon. The Prado is my daily driver and will be used for weekend getaways into the bush with the family and mostly easy to medium tracks with harder stuff from time to time.

The wife wont let me do a lift kit so i was looking at the Dueler 235/85/16 to gain a little more ground clearance but i am concerned over rubbing inside the guards, And what other pros and cons do i need to consider?

I know the factory spec's are 215/80/16 and the max width for this rim is 235. 
I have looked at a lot of brands and patterns and i like the Dueler i just need help with Tyre size chose if the 235/85 wont work for me. 

Other tyre sizes iv looked at are 235/70 and 225/75 but im after width and height on my current rims.

Any advise will be greatly appreciated.


Matthew (discomatt)
03 Apr 2016

I run 235/85 on the Disco and they are a great size, being a taller side wall when deflated they give a nice long track so plenty of traction. AS for will they fit, no idea on yours, ask at a few bigger tyre stores.

My advice, talk the good lady into a lift, suspension is the most important thing in a good 4wd