A little joke

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Andrew (whipit)
20 Mar 2016

A blonde woman, a priest, a pilot, and a high scholar are all on a crashing plane. There are only enough parachutes to save three of them, and the pilot is the first to jump out. He grabs a parachute and says, "I'm a pilot! People need me to fly planes!" and then jumps out. The blonde is next to jump out. She grabs a parachute and says, "My hair won't look pretty if I'm dead!" and then jumps out. The priest then says to the high scholar, "Son, I've lived my life to its fullest and I am surely ready to join God in heaven." The high schooler then hands a parachute to the priest and puts another parachute on himself. The priest is shocked and asks the high scholar, "Oh Lord! Where did you find this extra parachute?" The high scholar replies, "The blonde lady took my backpack!"


Allan (Big Pig)
20 Mar 2016

Thats gold ,I love it.