installing a UHF

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Andrew (whipit)
08 Feb 2016

going to get a uhf cb installed in my Navara just wondering what set up to go with...because there is no room in the dash  thinking of getting the Uniden UH5060nb has the remote head so you can just hide the unit behind the dash some where the burning question I have is what antenna to use 6.5db $4.5?? can I have two antennas with a spliter from one unit?

08 Feb 2016

Hi Andrew. The 6.5 is a good all rounder,the 4.5 good for hilly areas but lacks on longer distance,the 9  is better for flat distance,I use the 6.5 works great in the high country.i mounted my CB on the side of the console near my hip area,and the mic on the side console  near my knee,but my knee kept knocking the channel button on the mic and changed the channels,it took me awhile to work out why no one in the convoy was talking lol,myself I prefer the unit has the channel and squelch ect than the mic,can't accidentally change the channel,that's just my opinion.cheers garry


Jim (JimMc)
10 Feb 2016

Hi Andrew

UHF (80ch CB) the type of antenna that you use to get the best results for you 4x4ing will depend on what type of country you drive in, if you want to spend most of your time in hills, mountains you are better of with low gain 3db etc. Will work better over the hills. If you want to drive in flat open country the higher gain type is better 6db etc. Have a look at the two pictures I have put in you will see the low gain will work over the hill, the high gain signal will just go over the top of any 4x4, down the other side of a hill. Hi Gain is better for long distance on flat country. I have two CB antennas one low gain and one high gain as a rule I put the high gain on when I’m on HWY’s when I’m driving there and back, and the low gain in the mountains. It is always good to have two antennas with you, when and not if you break one you will have a spare.