Winch cradle without bull bar

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Rowan Johnson (pnut)
22 Jul 2014

I have been told that I can't fit a winch and cradle without fitting a bull bar/winch bar to the SR5. I guess the winch cradle is fixed to the chassis rail and the fair lead is mounted in the bull bar. Times are tuff and money is tight so I can't just go out and get the latest and greatest. I may have to look into a winch bar and not a full bull bar. Any views/opinions on this are welcome.

Chris (BDR)
23 Jul 2014

There is a cradle for the GU, so you can run a winch in the alloy bar, i am assuming it would be similar for the Hilux.

Look to the US market for ideas, they mod them a LOT more than we do



Steve (tasl)
24 Jul 2014

there is a cradle that fitsn into the towbar slot.  so you could have a detachable winch, fitting to the rear, and if you get a towbar fitting put in the front of the car, move it to the front.  Problem I see is you then have to carry the winch and fitting to connect it and the wiring would be via either anderson or clamping to the4 battery



Robert (Rigger64)
14 Aug 2014

Have look @ the TJM Bars they seam to have cradle setup for the winch then you might just have setup another part for the Fairlead.

Just a thought.