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05 Sep 2015

Hi Guys
Would like advice from forum members on what type of camera to fit to the rear of our caravan. I have read on other forums that wireless is a problem so before I purchase a camera can I get some ideas from people who have or had a camera on the rear of their caravan ???

Corey (Corey665)
02 Oct 2015

Hello Dan what about your camera are you installed it are still need any advice?


04 Oct 2015

Thanks corey
no need any more advice i installed the reversing camera at my caravan .


11 Oct 2015

corey i have installed reversing camera behind my caravan i am happy with the camera result because i googled a few places and found industry professionals recommended a wired 4 pin reversing system due to its thick cabling, heavy duty 4 pin connection system and heavy duty camera design over a wireless option.
Here is a link to their web site