Kuhmo mud terrains

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Antony (Peloza79)
20 Jul 2015

Anyone run or have run kuhmo mt's before? If so how did you find them?

Winston (Winston_FJ)
28 Jul 2015

No but I have ATs and they are a reasonable pattern tyre and haven't let me down. Kumho make pretty good rally tyres too from my old days of racing so I would imagine their MTs are pretty decent.


I run the Kuhmo's in 305/75/16, I have found them to be excellent and very reasonably priced.



Scott (Stonekillerz)
29 Oct 2015

Im running the new MT51 from kumho, in 285/75 r16s. Was extremely happy with them when i took them out to mt dissappointment a few weeks ago.