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17 Jul 2015

Hi, just after a bit of advice for a set of mud tyres.

My vehicle is a PK ranger, so I can't fit anything bigger than 31" in Vic legally (as far as I'm aware)

I have 235/75/15 on it now and wanted a second set that I can put on it when I take it offroad.

I do a lot of km in my job and don't want to be driving all over the place on m/t's

I don't plan on any hardcore 4x tracks but want a set that has decent grip.

I got a second set of 15/6.5 rims with the vehicle, being only 6.5 wide there are limited options.


So the options I was looking at were the

#1 bridgestone M/T 674 in 235/75/15 on the rims I have OD 734mm

#2 Or the Maxxis 764 in 30/9.5/15 on the rims I have OD 744mm

Or I could get some 16 inch rims and open the options up more

#3 Toyo M/T 245/75/16 OD 774mm

#4 Maxxis M/T 245/75/16 (These ones are 3 ply sidewall) OD 774mm

Considering I'll use the set maybe 5-10 times a year I was hoping to use the rims I have and stick to around $250 a tyre




18 Jul 2015

I think the widest tyre you can go on a 6.5" rim is 215mm,I might be wrong,if you put a wide tyre on a skinny rim the tyre will wear in the middle of tyre get less milage out of tyre


18 Jul 2015

Hi Gary,

the vehicle came with 6.5 rims and it's the smallest size rim to suit 235/75/15.

I wore out a set of tyres on those rims and they did wear pretty even.


Option 1&2 are both listed by the manufacturers to fit on 6.5

Option 3&4 will need me to buy different rims, the benefit there will be more clearence.

Just wondering what peoples thoughts were re tyres I suggested and sizes.

Someone also mentioned Kenda M/T today.


18 Jul 2015

Coopers are suppose to be a good strong tyre and great milage so Iv been told,on the high price side though 


18 Jul 2015

Hi Gary, yep the Coopers are an awesome tyre,I think they are more appropriate for hard to extreme tracks and would be wasted on my track choices.

I only plan on easy to moderate tracks, but would still like to have a set of tyres that will have some margin for error when I do anything more challenging.

I'm not terribly concerned about the milage wear, as they will be a second set that will be used rarely.

So I'm looking for a more economical tyre that grips well enough and won't fall apart in the short term.

If they don't last huge km's that really won't worry me, I'll probably only put 3000 or 4000km a year on them.


Matthew (discomatt)
19 Jul 2015

If 235 is the standard width IMO go for 235/85, they are a 32 inch, what I run, and only just over the 2 inch legal increase so you won't get harassed by the boys in blue and it won't muck up your gearing to much and that little bit of extra clearance makes the world of difference.

As far as tyre choice goes that a tough question and everyone will have a different opinion, 3 choices in my opinion are Goodyear wrangler Kevlar, expensive but exceptional grip on all surfaces and not to noisy, another great choice for less $$ is Federal Couragar IMO one of the best value for money muddies and also BFG have a great reputation but I have never had first hand experience with them.


23 Jul 2015

Thanks Disco,

I had some spare time today to look into it more but got frustrated.

The ranger has a 109S rating for 15" and 111S for 16" So the load rating knocks a lot of potential tyres out.

But the speed rating on all the M/T are really low, I couldn't find one in S rating so I called a few places.

I got conflicting info from tyre joints today, one said if the tyres are spesifically off road tyres then you can use an N rating or above on the road legally.

Another said nup, if your label on the door has S, then that's all you can run regardless of tyre type.

Can anyone shed some light on this??frown