Cronological order for 'My Trips'

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Tony (le Dakar)
21 Jun 2015

Hi Kelvin. When I go into 'My Messages' it displays the most recent message at the top which is good because the most recent messages are also the current messages I am corresponding on.   Yet when I go to 'My Trips', the oldest trips are at the top , and my new up coming trips are down the bottom of this list.  Can this be reversed so that in 'My Trips', the oldest (completed) trips are at the bottom and the newest (upcoming) trips at at the top of this list (similar to how it is displayed in the general  '4WD Trips'' page everyone sees). 

Regards Tony.

Kelvin (TREXGQ)
21 Jun 2015

Yes, I noticed this issue as well. I will add this to our TO DO list.