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18 Jun 2015

Hi team,

I've had my Ranger for about a year, and have just done a few easy creek crossings and easy tracks around woods point and big river. So I'm probably in no danger of getting stuck if I keep to similar types of tracks, but since I have a winch and recovery points I thought I'd get some more kit just to be on the safe side.

I found this one which looks like good value

Any feedback or other suggestions?

Thanks Mark

Gday Mark,

I cant speak from experience with warn gear as i havent used any. However the only advice i will offer is if you want to get a recovery kit DON'T get el'cheapo stuff. Get something that is reputable because the harder the tracks you do the more you will rely on this gear for not only your cars safety but your own and your families if they are with you. It is worth the investment to spend the extra money and get a decent kit.

I got my kit from an arb store when they were having a sale and have loved it.

I am sure many other fellas on 4wdtrip have had much more experience than me so they can offer their opinions also. Just thought i would throw in my 2 cents.


Good luck bud


Jason (Jasjul)
19 Jun 2015

WARN certainly have a good name.  I can't comment on value, I've not been looking recently.  If you haven't got the basics, as what's in that kit, I would suggest it's worth getting.  You never know when an easy track will stop you.  


I was with a group on Mitchell Track near Jamieson, and a short climb that you would almost do in a Ford Territory stopped us due to wet clay.  Out came the snatch straps. cool


19 Jun 2015

Thanks fellas, I figured WARN products couldn't be total crap as even the ARB store sell their winches (but not their recovery kits).

That cheap price on the WARN kit had me scratching my head as the comprable ironman kit is $295, ARB kit $295 and TJM was $320


Thanks Mark


24 Jun 2015

Hey Guys, having a better look at it the ARB kit which is $295 doesn't come with a winch extension strap. The one that does is $399

The Warn kit has a 10m extension strap and the tree trunk protector is only 8000k


The Ironman kit has ($295)

a 9m 8000k snatch strap

20m 4500k winch extension

3m tree trunk protector 12000k

8000k snatch block

So the Ironman kit looks like a good option, considering I'm probably not going to use it has anyone got a good reason to talk me into the ARB kit which is $100 more?