Winch locator screw

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Hey guys. Upon doing a full service on my winch as I had not done one since purchasing my lux, I have found upon unspooling the rope to pretension and respool, that the locator screw at the end of the rope is actually gone completely. I have not used this winch in any recovery situation yet, only to move a few trees from tracks. How do I go about fixing this? What are your thoughts?
Glad I have found this now and not when I am out on the tracks!

Hi. This screw is only to hold cable / rope in place while fitting tension should not be applied to the rope until you have at least five turns onto the drum then you can apply tension. This screw can be replaced quite easily most likely a metric thread possibly 8 mm or 6 this can be bought from your local bold supplier the bolt will only need to be around 10-12 mm long hope this helps. Cheers Andy


Thanks mate. Will have a look into it. I want to get it sorted asap.


Appreciate your advice!