35in Maxxis Trepadors and Pro Comp Rims

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Eddie (Tonka)
11 Apr 2015

FOR SALE: 35in Maxis Trepador Radials and Pro Comp rims for Jeep TJ

So you want to get out of the kids sand pit and start playing with the big boys?

Well read on my friend and be the first to get your hands on my amazing tyre and wheel combo. So famous, they have even graced the pages of a few magazines and just between you and me, I reckon that makes them kinda a big deal.

But seriously this is a bolt on sex magnet for your TJ, or sell the rims and keep the tyres for your other ride.

So what's the dealio yo? I am selling my much loved and treasured M8060 Maxxis Trepador Radial Tyres in the most popular of sizes. 35x12.5 r15. These babies will get you out of trouble and straight into more. Bazinga! Some say they enhance your driving experience by 113%.

The trusty steel rule tells me there is a whopping 10mm of tread left on them, and that is all over. I'll do the maths, that is only 6mm of wear from new. If I use the bullsh*t scale that everyone else uses when selling tyres, I'd say they are at 75%. Amazing!

There is no extra wear down the centre or outer lugs for these guys, their air pressure has been meticulously monitored to ensure optimum longevity. (Anyone not following, they are great condition for a used tyre). My mates tell me I drive like a girl (not that there is anything wrong with that), but it's true, I haven't tried to smoke em up as I'm pretty sure the Jeep would break before these tyres would.

Did I mention these tyres are secured by the amazing Pro Comp Black Rock Crawler Series 51 Steel Rims. Holy Smokes. These steel bad boys are 15x8 with 3.75 backspace. (Jeep TJ bolt patten 5 x 4.5).

They are perfect for a TJ with a 6 or 7 inch extended flare. All four rims are in great condition with no dents, I might even clean them for you once they are off the vehicle.

But wait there is more! No crappy steak knives here. I am going to throw in the spare wheel also! It's like Christmas day all over again. Errrggghmagurd! It's an old haggard BFG muddy on a more than used matching rim to the others (Ellis Tk taught it a lesson or two). Still holds air and does what a spare tyre is meant to do, look cool on the back of your tyre carrier.

As Vanilla Ice once said - Now check out the hook while my DJ revolves it!

So for $1300, you will get 4 tyres, 4 rims and the spare tyre and rim thrown in for free..

Txt: 0407 544 687


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