What do you think about canvas seat covers?

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18 Mar 2015

Hi All,
While at Wandin 4x4 outdoor show the other month the guys at 4WD Trip.com.au mentioned that I should jump on here as comment. 
It is clear that some of your trips end up in extremely muddy and dirty (fun) places. I would be very interested to hear from the adventurers out there what they like and dislike about seat protection that is available.
Our team took over 'The Canvas Seat Cover Company' about a year ago and we want to make sure that we are learning from you guys about what works and what may not.
We recently moved all of our canvases to 12 ounce as people were generally seeking the heavier style.
We are 100% Australian made, cut and sewn in sunny Yatala QLD.
I would love to hear your comments and experiences.
If you have any questions or are looking to protect your seats for your next adventure give us a call or drop onto our site.
07 3382 0981

Matthew (discomatt)
19 Mar 2015

I have a set that are great, leave them on permantly under the lanbs wool covers so if out wheeling and like last week fall over on a muddy slippery track and get covered in mud I just rip off the comfortable wool covers and presto who care how muddy or wet I am