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Hi everyone,


Wanted to get everyone's opinions on lift kits available on the market. A few months back on one of the 4WD Action DVD's they had given away 3 sets of the flexi coils lift kits which looked amazing. Has anyone got these or looked into it at all?  I know they give you a 2" lift with the capacity to increase to 4" when out on the tracks. My concerns are that considering all 4 wheels will expand and compress at different rates, over time some of the coils could lose some of their elasticity and not go back to it's original length. Sort of like over stretching an elastic band. 

We don't have a lift on the car at the moment and the more and more we go out on tracks the more we realise we really need to get one. There are a lot of places we have had to turn around and go back due to lack of clearance.

Has anyone got any technical knowledge on theseflexi coils?   What are the best lifts kits available at affordable prices?

We are a young family with not a huge amount of spare money to spend.

Really appreciate all your advice and help with this!!


Matthew (discomatt)
10 Feb 2015

what 4by are we talking? Different kits for different cars and depending on car different mods for anything over a 2/3 inch lift.

My Disco has only 2inch lift , more and cranked radius arms are needed to keep the steering geometry right and extended brake lines

On a Patrol any more than 2/3 inch and you need drop boxes for the arms so it works to its full potential and drive nicely

Dobinsons and Ride Pro are good value for money at the cheaper end, Koni and Bilstean are the best shockers but cost a lot more but will last longer and out perform the cheapies and are also fully adjustable and rebuildable when worn out.


11 Feb 2015

If you are looking for a lift to suit your Prado flexy coils are only really an option for the rear and even then i would not reccommend them. A basic 2 inch lift and some decent tyres and your Prado will be transformed offroad.