Nissan Patrol GU8 3.0ST

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You see Dennis,  told you the guys here can comment on that choice!! 


Dennis (dennos77)
30 Jan 2015

Yeah perfect thanks everone.

Wel the car is dealer owned and only 29k on the counter so should be ok.

I was looking for the 4.2 but youre still buying a car with a almost 10 year old chassis and body.

I prefer new and than safe with body and chassis and than, maybe, hopefully, i wish a donor comes along get the engine out rebuild it modify and than combine it with the young body and chassis. 


Good luck with your decision!

We are still deciding what our next car will be, more touring or more 4wd. Meanwhile we get more experienced with our Pathy!! Yeah...still love it!!

we are hoping when we're more skilled we can make a more founded choice of new wheels....we will see...


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