extended shackles?

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I am running a 2" tough dog lift which really is only 1" inch of standard height in a mn triton. I was wondering if anyone had experience in extended shackles and strut spacers and could help me out. Bad or good idea? Thanks

just remember if you put in extendard shackels it almost halfs the carrying capacity of the leafs. and makes your car unroadworthy and therefor un insured. but does give a bit more height and a lot more flex


27 Feb 2015

Bad idea! as said extended shackles half your carrying capacity and they also put twice as much stress on the leaf springs. Take a measurement from the centre of your hub to the guard on a triton this should be around 580mm for a 2 inch lift this leaves you with down travel. The reason why lifts on some tritons is only an inch or so is because they came out of the factory with varying ride heights but can all only be lifted to the same point. You can go higher but you need things like diff drops and offset upper control arms


Thanks guys. I'm not entirely happy with the ride height, but finding out that without installing a diff drop and getting a whole new suspension set up I'm pretty at my max height. Unfortunately it's a triton thing.