Walhalla area Aus Day weekend

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Winston (Winston_FJ)
28 Jan 2020

Great weekend out through Walhalla and surrounds. Rundown of tracks, started out of Walhalla town with Telecom Track (nice and steep to warm up), onto Mormon Town and Britannia Spur. Back onto Walhalla Rd, headed up and did Deep Creek 1 and 4. Both very straightforward (skipped the super steep section that is closed, open, closed, open... etc).

From there made our way up to Low Saddle, followed that down across the Thompson River (very shallow at the moment) then looped back up Beardmores.

Across onto Fultons Creek Track which has been horribly bulldozed. They've taken the fun out of it entirely. Took Fultons all the way up to Williamsons Spur and then down Flats Track. Had a quick loop around on the top section, driving up the rock face, then continued down and took the right at the fork near the bottom. That section is very chewed out at the moment, big ruts and some decent steps. It claimed a Navara on Sunday. That took us into camp at O'Tooles.

Sunday morning, headed out of camp along Donelly Creek Rd, then up Jorgensen Tk, where there's a great rocky section that is an awesome bit of fun. On par with the top of Flats. Down Toombon, then made our way up to Aberfeldy via Comet Spur, and then further north to do Spud Spur. Steep and rocky, but a little underwhelming given what I'd heard of it.

Came back down Walhalla Rd, down Sullivan's into Merrington Flat, up Bridle (steep and a bit chewed) and down Merringtons making our way back to O'Tooles. Or more aptly "Full O'Tooles". Thanks a lot to the bunch of young wankers who pissed off the entire campground by starting up multiple chainsaws at 10pm to spend 25 mins cutting down a stump for more firewood, then proceeded to start up a couple of vehicles and limiter bash just to spite the people who asked them to quit it as they had woken every young child up screaming.

Today was a simple pack up and depart, up Bridle Track again and out.

Fun weekend in all. Marred a bit by inconsiderate arseholes. Oh well.

Great report Winston, I believed a 4wd club was staying at O'Tooles Aus weekend, I do hope they were not the inconsiderate arseholes.