Let's talk dirty, tell us your Portable Toilet experience

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Shane (shanegtr)
31 Mar 2018

I remember the time when my brother in law first got a portable toilet. I think it was a porta potti brand but I cant remember excatly. But we stopped at the last roadside rest area that had a dump point before home to drop the contents - he got a little enthusiastic with the dump speed and managed to splash shit all over himself. Of course we all thought it was hilarous except for my BIL.

Anyway when we brought ours I just found one with the biggest crap tank I could - I think its 15 or 20L


06 Nov 2019

I am using Villa 9215 AC/DC Toilet and definitely it is one of the best toilet on the market .


Alex (TEQ-80)
11 Nov 2019

Never empty one into a long drop at night when you have to use a torch and watch what you're doing.


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