Making a decision on an awning

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Peter (mudbutt4by)
10 Jul 2018

I'm dying for some shade, and need some guidance on awnings.  It seem like there are 3 main awnings: the ARB, the smittbuilt, and the Dobinsons?  Any else that are worth looking at?  I have a basic roof rack, and really not trying to mount anything to my actual roof.  Anyone ever DIY it without looking like shite?

Winston (Winston_FJ)
10 Jul 2018

Look around. I've got the Darche Eclipse 270. Love it.


27 Aug 2018

Plenty of awnings out there mate, 270 awnings in both legless and adjustable legs or just single side awnings in various sizes to suit your needs.


If you want quick setup for short stops look at legless though more expensive. If you want maximum shelter look at the leg versions as you can lower tyhe legs right down to close the awning in more.