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Remote break downs, limp mode or engine lights – No More!
Autophix Australia had the remote traveller in mind when we discovered the awesome quality Autophix self-scan OTB2/DTC scanners.
It was after a trip from Melbourne to Queensland in 2017 that i became an ODB2 believer, our car went into limp mode in grafton a borrowed ODB2 scanner enabled us to scan our 4x4 clear the error codes and keep us on our way to a repairer in Brisbane. I strongly believe if your doing the big lap, towing or remote 4x4 driving you need to carry an Autophix plug n play ODB2 scanner.
Learn more about your car’s performance, identify problems and clear codes as they occur all at the touch of your hand.
Where can you find us?
Autophix Australia is run by Aussie traveler’s just like you, come visit our website to see the whole range.

From the dirt road 4x4 part of our business we are authorised agents for MyCoolman portable fridges - MSA4x4 accessories - Cyclo Australia - Hema direct contact only.

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