Just a small group of us heading to Neerim on Sunday. Nothing to crazy but a bit of everything for everybody. All cars welcome, would be good to have recovery gear but amongst us all we should be able to

pull anyone out if they're stuck. :) Not 100% sure what tracks we'll be tackling, only been to the area a few time but will check out some maps and figure it out once we're there. Kids and pets welcome. 


Kelvin (TREXGQ) Premium Member
Hi Josh,
Before I approve this trip, please can you let me know how many other cars are coming who are not on this site? The reason is that the bigger the group it gets, the harder to manage (thus safety). I want to make sure that the group is in a managable size. For easy trip, it number can be up to 10-12. For medium/hard trip, it should be no more than 6-8 cars.

Also Neerim is very wet at the moment, I think most of the tracks will be in medium rating. So again, depends on what you are looking to drive.
03 Aug 2017
Trip Leader Josh (JoshGQti96)
Hi Kelvin
Sorry I should of specified, at the moment there's 3 cars including myself confirmed. Neerim is a bit wet at the moment but there are chicken tracks around most obstacles on the tracks I've done. But happy to up the difficulty rating. :) will also adjust the maximum numbers accordingly. Sorry
03 Aug 2017
Trip Leader Josh (JoshGQti96)
[Private Message Sent] - If you are GOING, please check your inbox.
03 Aug 2017
Trip Leader Josh (JoshGQti96)
? :)
03 Aug 2017
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1 adults
Trip Date
Sun, 06-Aug-2017

Meeting Point
Longworry Service Centre
9:30 AM (Sun, 06-Aug-2017)