Wombat Sunday Run MEDIUM

Wombat SF, VIC

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Just want to go out to Wombat SF and have a drive around see what we come across. Might visit some mines or other points of interest if we come across them (and if tracks are open). Will be a medium Sunday drive. Rough plan is to start with some easy tracks to the South-West of Leonards Hill (Wombat Plantation) which mostly is flat easy tracks, visit possible ruins of Wombat station and railway, disused mine close by and a small dam which we will visit if we can find it, and then we will cross Ballan-Daylesford Rd and get into the bigger side of Wombat.. might get in through Carrolls track and make it towards Colbrook Reservoir and explore that area and maybe make it all the way to Golden Duke Mine. Depending on time we can end the day there or I'll have the map and see what tracks we can tackle if it's still early. Most tracks are open around there and lots to explore.


Please be aware that this is gonna be a bit of an exploring trip so we will stop, do u-turns, look around and just enjoy the area. There is a lot of history and hidden things through Wombat and the aim of this trip is not to hit as many bog holes as we can.. but to really just go for a drive, explore and have some fun. Driving will be a mix of tracks and dirt roads... tracks are a mix of easy flat to a possible harder tracks with couple technical hill climbs, water fords, ruts, some mud for sure and hopefully nothing too extreme.

I only been to Colbrook reservoir and Duke Mine but never made my way through Carrolls track etc.. so conditions are a bit unknown - if I gain interest I will have a rough trip plan. If there are big bog holes or obstacles that we are not comfortable with... we can always turn back. Wombat can be a bit unpredictable so be prepared. Seen a few cars getting swallowed by bog holes, whenever I go Wombat I always stop and check depth... so don't be annoyed at me if I stop before every bog hole. I don't intend to drown my truck, I just want a safe browse and some Sunday fun.


Bring drinks and lunch if you wish. Colbrook is a nice place to stop for lunch.


Minimum setup sould be 32inch muddies or aggressive AT's and 2 inch lift.. I would not advise anyone with anything less to join just in case. Also snorkel is beneficial in case we need to do some crossings (I think Carrolls track has a crossing or two) and also in case you get stuck in a boghole. Low Range vehicles only.


WINCH advisable, UHF and FULL RECOVERY GEAR KIT IS A MUST and RECOVERY POINTS are also a must. Also please be prepared for MUD and PIN STRIPES! Vehicle DAMAGE MAY OCCUR.


Not planning on being too late, probably a few hours and head back home.


  • Recovery Gear

  • Mark (Spot62)

    Myself onlyChecked-In (22-Jul-2017 05:53)
    Porsche Cayenne V8 (2004 Cayenne)
    • 33" Tyres, 2" Lifted

  • John (2012patrol) I am first-aid qualified I have mechanic skills

    Driver + 1 Adult + 2 ChildrenChecked-In (21-Jul-2017 14:56)
    Patrol (2012 Gu)
    • 34" Tyres, 4" Lifted
    • Rear Diff Lock
    • Winch

  • Mathew (Iconiic) Trip Leader - Level 1 (Completed over 1 trips)

    Myself onlyChecked-In (22-Jul-2017 17:53)
    CONQER - Jeep Wrangler (2007 Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon)
    • 37" Tyres, 3" Lifted
    • Front & Rear Locker
    • Winch

  • Matthew (V8Avenger) I am first-aid qualified

    Driver + 1 Adult
    Nissan Patrol Y62 (2018 Y62)
    • 35" Tyres, 2" Lifted
    • Rear Diff Lock
    • Winch

  • Mathew (Bitsaremissy)

    Myself onlyChecked-In (22-Jul-2017 20:17)
    Gu Wagon zd30 grenade (2003 Patrol)
    • 33" Tyres
    • Winch

  • Kelvin (TREXGQ) Trip Leader - Level 6 (Completed over 81 trips) Premium Member

    I am Interested / In Waiting List
    TREXGQ (1993 Patrol)
    • 33" Tyres, 3" Lifted
    • Front Diff Lock
    • Winch

  • Corey (BOSSCR)

    I am Interested / In Waiting List
    BOSSCR (2018 Everest)
    • 32" Tyres, 2" Lifted
    • Rear Diff Lock

  • Stephan (Dmop85)

    I am Interested / In Waiting List
    3.0TD GU patrol (2000 Patrol)
    • 35" Tyres, 3" Lifted
    • Winch

  • Nick (offrdn60)

    I am Interested / In Waiting List
    Jeff (2012 LandCruiser)
    • 33" Tyres, 2" Lifted

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7 GOING, 4 Interested
11 adults , 2 children (13 in total)
Trip Date
Wed, 06-Nov-2019

Meeting Point
Leonards Hill Hall 2095 Ballan-Daylesford Rd (https://goo.gl/maps/t7HyYgXLJBF2)
9:30 AM (Wed, 06-Nov-2019)