Snow Hunting and Exploring Trip EASY / MEDIUM

Rubicon, VIC

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Planning a trip to hunt some snow and explore around Rubicon area.. plenty of tracks in the area that are 1200m and higher up which should give us a great chance to get some snow!


I want to make it very clear that this will be an explore around and have some fun in the snow. We will stop and play in snow, take photos, walk to falls or lookouts if necessary. It will be easy paced and no hardcore 4wding to be done. I will do my best in doing research but conditions change all the time so if we decide to go up some track and it turns gnarly we will turn back and explore elsewhere.


Rough trip plan

- Meet at Alexandra

- Snobs Creek Falls

- Conn Gap Track (Elevation 1200m)

- Bleak Hill (Elevation 1314m)

- Browns Rd (One Boot Bridge)

- Royston Rd (Rubicon Power Station, Royston Falls)

- Rubicon Rd

- Blue Range Rd (Some Scenic lookouts on this track, elevation 700m to 1000m)

- Mt Margeret Gap (Elevation 1200m+)

- Mt Margeret Rd (Few lookouts, elevation 750m)

- Buxton will be end of our trip



- Mt Sugarloaf (Elevation 923m)

- Wells Cave (~500m walk or so)

- Jawbone Peak (~500m walk, Elevation ~720m)

- Keep going up Cerberus / Little River Rd

- End our trip at Taggerty


According to google maps this should take us around 3.5 hours of just driving (120kms) so between meet and greet, lunch, water falls, snow fights, lookouts and everything else it should be a solid day trip... which we can prolong or shorten as we see fit on the day. Some of the suggested routes are just dirt roads so this will be a touring / explore / adventure trip.. photo ops etc... Family friendly.



If you have a 6 inch lift and 37s you are welcome to join however you will not test the capability of your rig, I will not try anything too hard and will turn back if deemed necessary. Everyone will be given a chance to try any obstacle at their own risk if they wish.


Trip rated as easy/medium due to possible slippery and steep tracks, however I want it to be as easy as possible.

Trip Requirements

- Aggressive Muddies are required as tracks will be wet, slippery, muddy and hopefully covered in snow

- Winch recommended but not required

- 2 inch lift is recommended just in case, however not planning anything hard

- Rated basic recovery gear (snatch strap and recovery points on your vehicle as minimum if no winch)

- UHF (at least handheld is a must)

- Bring food and drinks for the day. Lunch spot will be decided on the day.

- Wear waterproof boots and warm clothes. It will hopefully be cold.


This is what I am hoping for.. picture taken last year from the area around the same time.. so with a bit of luck we will see some white fluff!!




  • Recovery Gear

  • Rob (Bessiethebeast) Trip Leader - Level 1 (Completed over 1 trips)

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  • Tony (Photo_Ranger)

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    3.2 4x4 Ranger (2014 Ranger)
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  • Dave (Stoops) I have mechanic skills Trip Leader - Level 1 (Completed over 4 trips) Premium Member

    Myself onlyChecked-In (30-Jun-2017 17:44)
    Triton (2016 Triton)
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  • (DonK) I am first-aid qualified

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    The Grandcruiser (1989 HJ61 12HT manual)
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  • Kelvin (TREXGQ) Trip Leader - Level 6 (Completed over 81 trips) Premium Member

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    TREXGQ (1993 Patrol)
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  • Callym (My Nav123)

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    Yd25 d22 navara (2012 Navara d22 yd25)
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  • Jason (Deimos)

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    VIRCON (2016 Triton)
    • 31" Tyres
    • Rear Diff Lock

  • Christo (Lotriet) I had chainsaw training I had winch training

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    4l v6 petrol (2013 Fj cruiser)
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    • Rear Diff Lock
    • Winch

  • Rod (Rod4wd) Trip Leader - Level 1 (Completed over 1 trips)

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5 GOING, 10 Interested
7 adults , 2 children (9 in total)
Trip Date
Wed, 06-Nov-2019

Meeting Point
Rotary Park, Grant Street, Alexandra (-37.189618,145.708153)
9:30 AM (Wed, 06-Nov-2019)