Mt Sunday Road to craigs hut HARD

vic High Country, VIC

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HI Folks,


I’ve cancelled this trip as there aren't other vehicles signed up and I therefore doubt I’ll be venturing down Mt Sunday Road – this may also change my start location tonight.


I thought I should post just in case anyone was thinking of just turning up and not signing in through the forum.


Hopefully I can reschedule this trip, with 2 days of challenging driving sometime soon and provide more notice.



(I have also sent a Pm to Dragic)


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Trip Leader David (DSPIES)
I've been trying to post this trip for a couple of days but the forums been giving me a bit of grief so hopefully some folks can still come for the drive even with the late notice.
02 Feb 2016
Antony (Peloza79) Premium Member
Ey mate, seems like a good trip planned, mt Sunday is a great track. Just a heads up middle ridge Rd is closed as you finish up on my Sunday. Will have to take Barkley river road and into Jamison licola rd.
02 Feb 2016
Trip Leader David (DSPIES)
thanks mate,
i'll break a map out tomorrow and post up an image of the proposed route.

i appreciate the heads up.
02 Feb 2016
Chris (rancidivy999)
Might not be too bad this time of year, but be wary of the Great Alpine Walking Track (i think its called), that drops off the other side of Mt Sunday.

It is not on many maps, is definitely a 4wd track, looks enticing but can be pretty hard with decent boulder drops and slate hill climbs. We did it in the middle of winter and it was tough. Definitely need a winch.
03 Feb 2016
Trip Leader David (DSPIES)
OK, i have included 2 files. one containing a pic of where the camp is (see top left under the arrow).

The second is my rough idea of where this trip will likely go (keeping in mind anthony's comments re' road closures).

The black line is fairly certain. Pending time, will then either follow the orange or the red line. i expect the orange line to be a bit quicker compared to butcher country's track (BCT). Last time i did BCT it was slow but very tame. i know Caledonia River Track which runs parallel has some nice spots to camp but they are small.
As you can see there aren't too many marked camp sites along the route but i assume there are unmarked camps.

Chris, as for the walking track, the map seems to look like they run parallel for a very short section near Wren's Flat. I've hiked parts of the track (which were breathtakingly beautiful) but they were strictly hiking sections only.
03 Feb 2016
George (Georgie_Kyro)
This was a pretty darn good track. Did this like a fortnigt ago with kelvin Antony and the boys.

I would make sure at least 1 locker to make the drive a lot easier.
Otherwise there may be abit of winching...

Barkley river jeep track was also not for the faint hearted. With 3 point turns required every 50 metres it sure was clenching the sphincter valve
04 Feb 2016
Trip Leader David (DSPIES)
Gday George,

thanks for the heads up. To be honest, as it looks like it will only my mate and i in the 1 vehicle, i doubt we'll hit mt Sunday alone.
i don't mind doing most things single vehicle but this one might be too risky.
if nobody has signed up for the trip by tomorrow arvo, we'll pull the pin on the some of the proposed tracks and make the trip a bit milder.

04 Feb 2016
Trip Leader David (DSPIES)
trip cancelled
05 Feb 2016
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05-Feb-2016 (Fri) to 07-Feb-2016 (Sun)

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i've cancelled this trip as there aren't other vehicles signed up.
8:30 AM (Fri, 05-Feb-2016)