Simpson Desert West to East on the French Line, WAA line and Rig road. MEDIUM

Simpson Desert West to East, SA

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We will visit Poeppel corner, to Birdsville, I hope if we have time to drop in at Haddon corner, down the inside Birdsville track back upto to Innamincka and down to Cameron Corner, Silverton from there if I have time I drop in at Memindee Lakes and for me home in Upwey, you can come along on any part of the trip or all of the trip, I will be leaving home to drive upto Farina on June the 1st.  There will be a live link that will show where we are in real time on the radio club webpage "click on "where are we now" 


  • Electric Winch
  • Recovery Gear
  • Jim (JimMc) I have mechanic skills Trip Leader - Level 1 (Completed over 4 trips)

    Driver + 1 Adult
    Jim Hilux 5 Manual Dual Cab Turbo Diesel (2008 4 door Hilux)
    • 2" Lifted
    • Winch

Michael (Mickandlyn)

We are interested in joining this trip, it will be the first time across the Simpson Desert for us. Do you have an itinerary written up yet, as we may not continue onto Innamincka / Cameron Corner etc, and head from Birdsville to Brisbane?


08 Jan 2016
Trip Leader Jim (JimMc)
[Private Message Sent] - If you are GOING, please check your inbox.
08 Jan 2016
Michael (Mickandlyn)

I am down as going, but nothing in my inbox?

15 Jan 2016
Trip Leader Jim (JimMc)
Michael (Mickandlyn) wrote: Jim,

I am down as going, but nothing in my inbox?

Hi Mick

Sorry for not replying, I running a local trip next weekend and I been flat-out setting it up. This retired bit is full time work with overtime with no pay. (but it's fun)

Roger is still a worker, so he is driving flat out for two days from Melbourne to meet me at Farina, he will be late in on the sunday June 12th.

There are free hot sowers at Farina and it only cost $5.00 each a night you camp there.

Have you meet Talc Alf down on the Strzelecki track? I must drop in on him, if you can meet me on the Saturday we both can drop in to see him.

We plain to start out for the Simpson Desert from Farina on Monday 13th. (If there any thing that you want to see on the trip let me know so we can see them.

Oodnadatta will be the last place we can get fuel till Birdsville and that is 726km (+20% for sand driving,= to about 900km) if we do any side trips or have to snatch each other we will more fuel. (it is always better to have more than you need) and I like small side trips.

I'm on the 737 network my call is "737-0408" and if any of your friends want to send you a message they can from the 737 network web site.

I cannot remember if my mobile work in Farina camping area, Randall thinks it did last time we were there. you should find where we are camping area is easy there are lots of posts.

We can use UHF CB ch 10 to find each other, if I know about what day and time you think you be there I will keep a CB on.
(don't bust your gut trying to stay on time it's a long way for you and things happen, you can text me if your late)

What gear do you have for the sand dune country, you must have a tire repair kit and two spare tires, have you played in the sand dune country before?

How do you camp I use a swag, a lot of placers in the Simpson Desert you can not get wood, I have a carry rack that I can pick some up as we go 4x4, if you got a way to carry some it helps.

I just had a look at you on 4wdtrip website and there no photo of your 4x4, I just had a look and I don't have a clear photo of my Hilux it is one and only and easy to find, while I'm running camp trip next week, I take a photo of it setup and post it on this site so you know what to find.

My mobile phone no is 04-9729-1927 and home no is 03-9754-4862, my home email is

I run a Ham-radio club and I have all the trip info up on the site I will have live tracking link on the club web, from the link you will be able to see where we are at any time.
15 Jan 2016
Trip Leader Jim (JimMc)
[Private Message Sent] - If you are GOING, please check your inbox.
27 Jan 2016
Trip Leader Jim (JimMc)
Michael (Mickandlyn) wrote: Jim,

I am down as going, but nothing in my inbox?

Hi Michael
I have started looking at my maps for our trip, I try to only drive up to about 6hrs max a day so we can stop and look around as we go, as you have not been in this area before I was wondering what you want to see as you know we could stop every where but we will not have the time, if your into history and the old Ghan station at Marree is a great place to look around, we must stop at Oodnadatta and have a ham bugger (I always do) so could you let me know of any thing you want to see on the way up, I'm leaving home on 1st June and I come up through the Lake Frome and I arrive at Farina on June 10th the other 4x4 (Roger) from Melbourne will arrive late on 11th June and if all goes well we will be on the road the next day, we can get water and have a hot shower at Farina but Marree only has rain water. Do you have a camper or do you swag it, I only use a swag.
04 May 2016
Roger (SysGuru)
Hey All,

Only a month to go. I am really looking forward to getting away.

Michael, where are you coming from and how are you getting to Farina?
I'm hoping to catch up with Jim this weekend to look over the maps, so call out if there are any particular things you want to see on the way.

11 May 2016
Trip Leader Jim (JimMc)
Hi all I'm off tomorrow at 0400 so if you need to get a massage to me you can send it by the 737 network (my call is 0480) or by SMS. I will be out of range of the Phone system most of the time; I will arrive at Farina on the 9th June. I hope every one has a great trip and we will meet up at Farina.
31 May 2016
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3 GOING, 1 Interested
6 adults
Trip Date
11-Jun-2016 (Sat) to 10-Jul-2016 (Sun)

Meeting Point
Farina South Australia camping ground
8:00 AM (Sat, 11-Jun-2016)


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