Mt Pinnibar MEDIUM / HARD

High Country, VIC

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Planning to take advantage of the early season snow fall & attempt to summit Mt Pinnibar.
Apart from the ski resorts, Mt Pinnibar is possibly the highest mountain in Victoria that we are allowed to drive over at ~1700m.
At least before it gets seasonally closed after the Queens B`Day Weekend.

I went and did a bit of a solo recce the weekend just gone & got within 500m of the summit, after bull dozing one too many snow drifts I decided to call it quits & live to fight another day.
Given the current weather, I think I can basically guarantee some level of snow, it's really just a matter of how hard (or how deep) we want to make it. Maybe we will get to the top, maybe we won't.
It's probably not a family friendly trip unless of course they are happy to run winch rope for you :) Not for the faint of heart that's for sure.

Planning to stay at the Gibson Hut Campground (
It is above the snowline but I wouldn't expect bucket loads at the hut it's self.
At least there wasn't much when I drove past last weekend.

Assuming most will come from the south so on Saturday we will meet up at Omeo for lunch. (If you are coming from the north, Corryong way, we can probs just meet at the hut)
Drive from Omeo up to Benambra, keep following the Benambra Corryong Rd all the way up until we turn right on to Wheelers Creek Rd & from there wind our way up to Gibson's Hut via a few logging roads.
Setup camp, find some firewood & settle in. I doubt much wheeling as such will happen on Saturday.

Sunday will be the day we attempt to summit Mt Pinnibar via Shady Creek Upper Track. It could be an all day ordeal or it might be a cake walk.
In the event we do get to the top in relatively sort order, there are heaps of other tracks to explore, Mt Gibbo is just next door.
We could even head down to Tom Groggin for something to do, if so inclined.

Return back to the hut for some refuge from the elements & defrost ourselves.
Monday drive home, perhaps via Mt Gibbo & Mount Sassafras, conditions dependent.


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1 adults
Trip Date
11-Jun-2022 (Sat) to 13-Jun-2022 (Mon)

Meeting Point
Omeo Ski Hire & Service Station
12:00 PM (Sat, 11-Jun-2022)