Birdsville Or Daintree EASY

Birdsville Or Daintree, QLD

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I'm planning on doing this solo, for anyone interested please feel free to tag along. I also have 1 free spot in my car at the moment.

Due to work and most of my team being away the dates and the length are fixed. I can move them a few days either way but that's as much flexibility I have.

Start date : Sat, 24/April/2021
End date: Sun, 09/May/2021
Approx 2 weeks with 2 public holidays included

You will need 8 days off from work + 8 weekends including the two public holidays

Please refer to the link below for the itinerary.

Trip 1:
Heading off to Birdsville via Innamincka .
You will need a 4wd of some sort as the road to Innamincka and Birdsville is pretty corrugated. In saying that I have seen motorhomes and vans do this, but there is some risk of breaking down.

Trip 2:
Heading north to just south of CookTown via the Bloomfield track.
Wont need a full blow 4WD but i wouldn't take the family sedan on this track. There are small water crossings and dirty and a bit of corrugation.

Accommodation: I'm planning on a mix for free and paid (Caravan parks) camping most of this. Depending on where we are I may or may not opt for a motel or a cabin if there are any good deals.

I've got two double swags, sleeping bags, and stretcher beds if you want to come as a passenger but don't have camping gear.

Open to suggestions and changes as long as it can be done within these dates :)


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Trip Leader Hesh (heshanh)
8 days.. this is spread across 16 days
23 days ago
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Trip Date
24-Apr-2021 (Sat) to 09-May-2021 (Sun)

Meeting Point
8:30 AM (Sat, 24-Apr-2021)


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